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NEM’s blockchain platform was designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed. NEM’s permissioned private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers.




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Circulating Supply

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Rules of circulation release Supply

8,999,999,999 XEM was originally assigned to 1,500 creational owner accounts (everyone is equal) and fund accounts for marketing, operating costs, development, and node rewards under multiple signature management. In NEM coins are aged in at 10% per day of the remaining unvested XEM in an account.

Project Introduction


NEM’s blockchain exposes its functionality through a powerful API interface that can be used with any programming language, not a specific “smart contract” language. Existing business logic code can easily mate up and use blockchain where it’s strongest: secure transactions and ledger keeping. In short, configure NEM for your business, and then deploy blockchain incrementally and without forced retooling of existing infrastructure.

Unlike other blockchain technologies, NEM is built from the ground up with powerful modular customization for virtually any application. We call it our Smart Asset system. With it, NEM lets you focus on building exactly what you need, whether that’s a fintech system, tracking logistics, an ICO, document notarization, decentralized authentication, or much more.

NEM’s architecture provides an incredibly secure and stable platform through its use of Eigentrust++ and an incentivized public node network based on its two-tier architecture. The significant risks inherent in on-blockchain “smart contracts” are eliminated by providing building block customization to NEM functionality that keeps application security in your hands, not on the blockchain. And NEM’s private blockchain option allows complete control over internal data privacy when a public blockchain isn’t the right solution.


  • High scalability, design based on the industry standard tiered web architecture commonly found in enterprise computing, a holistic offering yet to be seen in any blockchain solution
  • Introduction of a high performance and highly scalable API gateway server layer with an open integration architecture

  • High throughput message queues for real-time analysis and big data analytics of transactions

  • Use of nosql database at the API layer, which is more suited for high speed messaging

  • Embedded escrow service for exchange of assets on the blockchain – a special transaction contract

  • High transaction rates (in excess of 3000 transactions per second)

  • Permissible access to accounts, i.e., each person can only access what she can see

  • Interoperability – allow external decentralised or centralised applications or smart contract solutions to transact using the blockchain

  • Business Rules – rules where object states can result in an indisputable transition to a new state as a result of a definite and conclusive action, specifically on the calculation of transaction charges based on a predefined set of irrevocable and immutable input criteria

  • Metadata – Accounts and assets shall have configurable metadata fields.


The Catapult project is in its late stage development. It shall be released in multiple stages where the features highlighted in section 4.1 will be added on at each stage. It is scheduled for its first release in Q1, 2017. The enhancements of the solution are unique and powerful, setting a new standard in blockchain design.  

Its powerful abstraction layer makes it agnostic to existing banking standards, the intent of which is not to disrupt currently installed solutions, but instead to dovetail into these existing systems seamlessly. Current systems running standards complying solutions - such as FpML and ISO20022 –will only need to make use of the outputs to integrate with the blockchain via the abstraction layer. This method of deployment allows financial institutions to migrate their systems in a timeframe that better suit their business operations – as soon as they minimise their need for some of these standards – into the blockchain platform. At the same time, the Catapult solution can then be used by financial institutions to enable growth, expansion, and creation of new products, leveraging on the use of the blockchain for faster and inexpensive deployment. 

Time Line


Coincheck has confirmed that all the NEM (about 58 billion JPY) on the platform have been lost and the company is trying to track them down.


During the summit by the new currency foundation has carried on the new chairman, Mr Huang Lun after currency block chain technology excellent speech, and expressed the hope that the new technology can drive the currency block chain dubai smart city development plan. Huang lun, President of the new economy currency foundation, has accepted the award and commemorative medal from the organizer, marking that the block chain technology of the new economy currency has been widely recognized around the world. After the meeting, the team had an in-depth exchange of views with Mr. Al Amiri and the managing director of Vijay in the dubai intelligent office (SDO), seeking to build a long-term partnership.


The NEM. IO Foundation Ltd., which organises the NEM blockchain platform, plans to spend $40 million to promote global adoption in the future. The foundation announced that it will start a us $5 million block chain incubator project in the independently operated block chain center from today to promote the healthy development of the block chain industry. This is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, covers an area of 1 square feet of chain center will become Malaysia's largest the block chain industry incubators, accelerator and emerging block chain projects Shared office space. The core of the chain center will serve as a NEM the block chain creative center, IT will be used as a NEM block chain organizations to participate in joint research and development of science and technology and the IT infrastructure of the creative central and regional support groups in the region.


On March 13, 2017, Malaysia Xhai game studio announced that it will use NEM block chain platform in its games to support direct interaction of XEM digital currency. NEM block chain technology is a low-cost revolutionary technology that is not only applicable to the financial industry, but also to the creative industry represented by the game industry. As legendary gamers will remember for years, inflation may have been an important factor in the survival of online games. Game developers can make the use of digital currency convenient for both developers and players, and they can no longer worry about the instability of currency in the game affecting entertainment.


NEM mobile wallet released


Japan Itpro economic news reports: in May 2016 - June, Japanese industry top enterprise application integration software Infoteria associated with myanmar's financial institutions to complete the new chain by NEM blocks in a large trading settlement data of financing and savings system experiment myanmar BC financial (Burma's largest microfinance institutions) current business data is through the head office of the complete focus on Microsoft SQL Server database management and transaction process, each branch to once a day, the batch mode to complete with the headquarters of the data synchronization.


The release of the NEM Beta test version, the start of large-scale public Beta, is an important milestone towards the official release.


Utopiaanfuture founded NEM from this day, Utopiaianfuture created new economic movement NEM at BBS. In order to promote the creation of a new cryptocurrency ecology, the development team formed.


NEM has experienced violent fluctuations] According to Binance data, [down] NEM 2018-12-18

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NEM has experienced violent fluctuations] According to Binance data, [down] NEM 2018-12-14

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McAfee released the top ten cybersecurity incidents in Japan in 2018 Coincheck l 2018-12-14

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NEM has become a new strategic partner of Gubi, a well-known art database in Chi 2018-12-10

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Ripple, NEM and Cardano have jointly created a new European blockchain associati 2018-12-07

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Team Members

Lon Wong

Chairman of Foundation

Jeff McDonald

Vice Chairman of Foundation

Ronel Li

Secretary General

Ken Chan